Seedbox Discussions S(p)eedbox needed! (fast, don't need much space)

Hi all,

I am looking for a reliable seedbox that is faster that the average 100 mbit/s.

I really only need speed. The faster the better. I don't need HDD space (100gb would be enough, even 60 would do).

Any suggestions? Cheaper is of cause better, I do not have a "limit". I will just take the cheapest I can get that meets my requirements.

I need the box solely for beating those 100mbit seedboxes autodownloading at My autodl filter is set to download any scene release, and on every of those torrents there are ~20 seedboxes autodownloading, all of them on 100mbit. I wanna be the one who seeds that extra 10mb to them, to push my ratio.

Thanks for any recommendation!