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Jan 18, 2010
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Hello Customer,

As you may be aware, we have had a few recent issues following the Rapid Speeds closure. We accommodated over 400 Rapid Speeds users in 3 - 4 days. During this process we upgraded to the later version of WHMCS with two security patches put in place. Once this was done our WHMCS was breached on Saturday the 3rd of December at approximately 6pm GMT. This first hacking allowed the intruder to abuse the API functions of WHMCS allowing them to terminate anything linked via the API for automation such as the Open virtual server deployment system, the Shared hosting deployment system and the automated backup systems. This intruder was tracked & blocked from the systems.

We spent 4 days rebuilding BoxSlots in an extremely speedy fashion during this time we were also taking extensive precautions to make sure no more incidents occurred. To then see this happen a second time via the same method after being re-assured the issue was fixed was a massive impact to us all. This hurt us in a big way. So we carried on, picked ourselves up and got clients back online with a new master server and 3 new offsite backup systems. The code is now secure and the API's are no longer put into play. This issue cannot occur again, but our web server is unreachable at this present time as this is undergoing final security measures we feel this is necessary to protect our users and their services. At this moment in time we put this down to utter silliness, possibly some jealousy - we honesty cannot say right now. All clients are being handled appropriately and all VPS systems remain stable without any issues.

Any client that has not had their service returned or resumed please respond to this email with the registered email ID on your account so that we can have you back up today. We want to see the back of this issue - any client of ours knows these are not our normal practices.

With many regards,

BoxSlots team.
Details about what happened these last few days with BoxSlots