Free Seedboxes DantheMan's Monthly Seedbox Giveaway

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Hello everyone,
Welcome to the monthly giveaway of two, yes you heard right, two seedboxes from! Once a month, I (or maybe other people on occassion) will pick two lucky winners to receive a seedbox for a whole month!

Now as you are wondering, "What kind of seedbox is it?" Well here you go:
This seedbox has:
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited active torrents
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Great support!

You can feel amazing downloading and uploading, just having an all around good time, and a fast one too.

June 2010:​
1: lolek

July 2010:​
1: t0eknee28
2: Djdef
Surprise Winner: subkar09

August 2010:​
1: vicky27
2: No Entrant!​

Even after the winners are announced, keep an eye on the thread. You never know just what might be posted throughout the month!

Decision Date:
30 August 2010​

This Months Requirements:
To be announced!

If you already have an entry from last month, please just edit your post and update that one. Enjoy!
dude am stuck with my slow net connection and i would have saved up for it if it was being hosted in india somewhere but no ,even if i was available it would have cost me a fortune.....i need it. :)
seeding is quite though ... and seeding is real pain
Oh first of all gr8 giveaway... ;)

Well I can make use of it...As you see I also have a req. running but I wonder if I am that useful member here that anyone gonna fill it and with my too much asking there....your bax can just help he here...though my position has not changed much as the req. is just two days old

here are two quote's from that req.

i have joined some fresh new trackers with my old trackers and other trackers which can make some use of this buffer.I am planning to grab a invite to some tracker which will be impossible to start without a box and I don't wannna screw up at the very start I am a man of many tracker but I assure you I use them all for one reason or other I use them...though my home connection is not that fast or trendy I try to do my best in seeding and with all gr8 people help here I have made it possible to grab some buffer on many trackers...I have also helped some awesome members here to get osme buffer on trackers like Waffle by leeching some stuff they uploaded...

lately I was thinking of grabbing hold to somome FLAC files and you know how there sizes are I just cannot get naything until I have a box with my home connection eventhough there are like 100leech then also I cannot seed a thing...

well so where i can use it:
well my first thing is to grab some I maybe grabbing a lot of files from the music trackers(first priority)....
2.other then that I need a upload on my ratiofree tracker for my rank to go up(not necessary)...
3.have joined X and filelist and need somethign to start with.(well I have to start)
4.I can upload 2-3 files to 1 tracker..I know you might be thinking wtf but I just love to fill rq. he he
5.wanna grab some anime from AnimeByt though I have decent buffer but I don't want to use it now itself..and it's not much seeing the size of the release i want to get my hand's on..

though I just don't wanna just quote and do no work while applying so here my speedtest and you can see my upload is rel low specially for music trackers...though I seed long...I can send you direct profile link to my profile on BCG and other tracker where they keep time seeded,if you wan to see...

normally the download is little higher then this....

thx for the gr8 giveaway... ;)
[EDITED 06. 15.]

Hi there Dan, your GA rocks
So I'd apply for your box!
Reason: my net isn't best,
I can prove that with a
I am in What, SeX and more,
And I will need great upload
To keep a good ratio.
Good luck to everyone. Go!
woow,Great seebox giveaway m8!
I'd like to apply for 1 please?
I want to apply as i need to buffer my accounts to get a Promotion in my accounts.
I need to buffer my accounts at E***O,Pedro's,CN,PloshTracker,BH,SceneHD,FinBytes,KG,PTP,SweTVnCore,SDBits,,BCG,TT,linkomanija,BitMe,BitMeTV and more.

Actuality i have very low home connection speed and i can not buffer 1MB

I used to use seedboxes since the first time i used torrents,But these days I am having a problem in Paypal as i opened it from Egypt and they banned Egypt.
So i apply for this seedbox.
Realy i need it.

Thanx in advance m8
Hello, DantheMan :) Nice giveaway you have.
I would like to apply for your seedbox. The reason I'm doing it?
I recently got into really mysterious trouble with my ISP. For some unknown reason (they don't tell me why, at least for now) they are blocking all my p2p traffic. This is not for 24/7, I find some hours when I'm able to at least seed everything that is in my utorrent. But on the whole I'm forced to stop my activity in my trackers which I don't really like.
If I will get an opportunity to taste your seedbox, be sure that all this month won't be wasted for nothing. Everything that would be earned during that time, will be provided here on T-I.
I recently got into couple of trackers, so I would like to make some buffer, even a small in order at least not to loose those accounts.
I have some experience with seedboxes. I have used semidedicated from xirvik not long ago, but now I'm not able to rent one. So in my situation your seedbox would be a great help.

Thank you for your consideration,
Limitált ideig lereagálható téma! Már nem fogad további válaszokat.