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As you have noticed, we've modified the number of torrents to download for Users and Members.
User 5, Tag 15 pieces.
If the number of torrents seeded (unrecorded) is rising
the system will disable the download right until the seed is completed.
Of course you can still download it afterwards.
Now you can click to collect Bonus Points.
An Advent Calendar can be accessed under the "Menu Bar" or on the main page by clicking on ITT and opening the calendar each day,
and you are collecting your gift. And there will be even more gifts on Christmas.
Then you can use the accumulated bonus to convert the torrents you can no longer seed.

Replacing Torrent: Click on Hit'n Run and you will desert the tori you can not seed.
Buying 1 Torrent = 2500 Bonus Points

So there is now a way and opportunity for everyone to fix their situation.

This is a little help for those who may not have known this yet.