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Genre: General
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Closing date: 1 january 2019
Additional information: SceneFZ is one of the largest tracker`s in Est-Center of Europe with a number of members of 180,847 at the moment and 92,000 torrents at this moment , but with new torrent 24/7. Maintaing ratio is easy. We have open our gates in 2016 and since then we are groing day after day. Other bonuses that you get by joining this tracker are : all scene torrents are unrared (no rars allowed),good retention on old torrents,high speeds on most torrents,highest nomber of hdbits encodes you will ever find on a general tracker, a top quality internal encoding team. The staff is extraordinary , they will help you no matter what is your problem. The uploaders use seedboxes to make you download speed as high as we can. Please do not make H&R , you will be receive ban and you will not be allowed again on the tracker. SceneFZ thank you all and enjoy all out torrents. SING UP !!!